– Testimonials –

Pooch Sitters has been servicing several areas in California since 2003. All our Pooch Sitters are insured & bonded, pet first-aid certified; with excellent references.

– Average Rating: 5 Stars –

Extremely satisfied with overall service and plan to use Pooch Sitters again
Mostly Satisfied and may use Pooch Sitters again
May or may not use Pooch Sitters again
Not extremely satisfied and may not use Pooch Sitters again
Not satisfied and unlikely to use Pooch Sitter service again
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Kim S
Love, love, love Pooch Sitters. I couldn’t be happier with the company. They are fabulous with my pet. I trust them completely. I would recommend Pooch Sitters to anyone. Kona’s mom
Services Used: Boarding at Pooch Sitters – Group Dog Hikes

Wootie S
Couldn’t be any better! Never had a complaint of any sort! Always very cooperative over occasional (or sudden) schedule changes.
Services Used: Private Dog Walks

Benita K
We have used the services of Pooch Sitter since we moved to North Orange County over five years ago. We absolutely love them!! Mayra and her Pooch Sitter team members are wonderful. We feel confident that our two dogs get lots of love and attention when we are away.Click to read more..
It’s always hard to leave your pets, if even for a few days, but I know they are in good hands and will be well cared for.
Services Used: Vacation Pet Sitting at Client’s home

Gail N
I was very happy with Myra and the arrangement she has in her home. I was not worried at all leaving my dog there for an extended period of time, hey, she got a crush, what’s wrong with that! Thanks alot for the individual attention you give to all your boarders.
Services Used: Boarding at Pooch Sitters

Kathleen N
My dog has always been traumatized when we have left her at other places. Taffi really seems to thrive at Pooch Sitters. When we pick her up, she is happy to see us, but calm and comfortable. She even gets to sleep in the bed. She probably has more fun with Mayra than she does at home with us.Click to read more..
Definately would reccomend your service. I brag about how great it is to all my family and friends.
Services Used: Boarding at Pooch Sitters

Carol S
You have given me peace of mind when I am gone. I can count on you to walk/water my 3 babies. The walks have really helped Shane and Chloe with their artheritus and mobility. It has helped burn off some of Toby’s energy. I have and will continue to recommend you to ayone that I think can benefit from your services. We are very pleased. Thanks Mayra and Kim
Services Used: Private Dog Walks

Marlin R
My dog, Tribelle, threw-up in Vicky’s car at least 3 times but she (Vicky) never got angry. She had some good ideas for solving the problem and even bought new cleanable “pads” for her car. She was unflappable. Tribelle’s going twice a week now and she’s walking with Missy and having a great time. Click to read more..
Tribelle is a very social dog and being with a disciplined pack of dogs while getting exercise is the best of both worlds. 4 of my 5 dogs just had a dental cleaning this past Sunday and the whole thing was organized by Mayra – a wonderful event that benefited my dogs and the German Shepherd Rescue. Pooch Sitters is terrific.
Services Used: Group Dog Hikes

Whitney G
Mayra came to our rescue while we were in Michigan and Tartine was at home with our dog walker, Lori. Tartine was suffering from some serious separation anxiety and had really done a number on our home. Lori was kind enough to recommend Pooch Sitters AND drive Tartine out to meet Mayra’s other dogs.Click to read more..
Thankfully, Tartine passed the test! We were still nervous in Michigan – that is, until we received an email from Tartine. Any dog sitter who would send an email “from” my dog, complete with photo, is completely fabulous! Tartine came home looking happy and beautiful with a few new doggie (and human) friends. We will definitely be calling Pooch Sitters every time we go away! Thank you so much for taking such good care of our girl.
Services Used: Boarding at Pooch Sitters

Vanessa N
I love Pooch Sitters! I have had only positive experience with Mayra and her fellow pet sitters. Everyone does a great job. My cats love that they don’t have to go to a kitty hotel when I go away! Thanks again for great service!
Services Used: Vacation Pet Sitting at Client’s home

Tracey J
Our dog Otis was very well taken care of and we are so thankful to have found this wonderful place for him. We will most certainly be using pooch sitters for all of our vacations. It is a loving, happy place for any dog. A big A+ for Pooch Sitters.
Services Used: Boarding at Pooch Sitters

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