– Testimonials about the Anesthesia-Free Pet Dental Clinic –

Christine C
Everything went great with the anesthesia-free dental cleaning.  Kaya’s teeth look pearly white.  The doctor came out and went over everything with me and even gave me tips to make brushing Kaya’s teeth a little bit easier.  I will definitely bring Kaya back next year!! :)
Gina L
I just wanted to let you know what a pleasant experience it was at the Tustana Animal Hospital  The staff was extra friendly to my dog who is scared at veterinary offices and my two cats were given lots of loving attention.  The dental staff was also very nice.  I had a very nice experience there and would recommend the Tustana Animal Hospital again to my friends/family.
Oh, and I met LOTS of sweet German Shepherds there getting their teeth cleaned, too.
Thank you for holding this event and I will let others know the next time you have one.

Rebecca S
Another great experience with the Dental Clinic at Tustana.  Procedure is fairly quick and my little one does great with it.  I’ll be looking to sign up again.

Laura R
The anesthesia-free dental cleaning was great, thanks.

Pamela L
The dental cleaning was a great experience! I will definitely participate again in the future. Everyone involved was very nice and professional.  Lucy said she felt very comfortable! Thank you for your assistance.

Sharon Z
It was really a good experience.  Our dog came out of it with a tail wagging.  I liked how Dr. K put her at ease when he came out to get her.  I’ve already forward your email to a friend who is looking for animal dental care.
And I’m always promoting GSROC to anyone who will listen to me!

Joy K
Max did really well, he is only 10 & his teeth & gums were bad. But the clinic seemed to be clean & the vet seemed to be very competent. I would say overall it was very well run.

Toni D
Everything went great and they thought Jack was a great dog!

Cindy N
This is the second time I’ve used this service and have been very pleased.  I will be interested in the next one for my cats.

Vicki R
The teeth cleaning experience went well.  They were on time and efficient.  I will return again
and pass on the info to people who need it..

Terry E
Thank you so much.  I was so very happy with the results of the teeth cleaning on Pepper.  It only took about 20 minutes, and Pepper was fine when she came out from the procedure.  I will do this again in about 6 month to a year when Pepper is ready again, and I will also recommend this to anyone that I know that has dogs.  Please continue to send me “Event” notices.  Thanks Again from a VERY satisfied patron.

Sandy B
Thank you for letting us know about the low cost teeth cleaning at Tustana on Sunday. We are retired and can no longer afford to spend $170. per girl. They were very nice at the clinic and we liked the vet very much. We love our little poodles very much, but finances are lock in stone so we thank you.

Michelle W
We had a terrific experience on Sunday at the GSROC teeth-cleaning event. Everyone was very organized and professional. The vet, Dr. K., was great with both our GSD and our very old kitty cat. In less than a half hour, they were done and in good spirits! It was convenient to do and happy that GSROC benefitted some from the services! I will be happy to pass along the next event info to anyone I know that has a dog or cat! P.S. Their breath sure smells better!!!

Lora U
The event was wonderful, and the vets & techs just delightful.  The customers too.  It was a great day & my dogs have beautiful teeth too!

Mi Y
We had a great experience at Sunday’s Pet Dental Clinic Event.  The staff was friendly, the procedure was quick, and we got to help raise funds.  Thank you for organizing such wonderful events where everyone seems to benefit.  I will be sure to let other pet owners know about your upcoming events.

Marianne L
I have nothing but good things to say about our experience. They were right on time and very friendly. I feel they are real dedicated to animals and treat them with lots of love. Bella’s teeth look great they did an excellent job. Please let me know when the next clinic is I assume you have it every 6mo’s. I hope it was a success for the German Shepherd Rescue.

Cindy M
I just want to share with you a little about my visit at Dental Clinic Event this past Sunday.
I took my poodle, Bagua; who by the way is the “best little co-pilot” around!!

Any way, The staff was awesome and very caring to me and my pet. The Dr. discussed everything that he would do for this exam beforehand, and  afterward came out and gave me specific details of the exam. He was very personal and took his time to answer any questions that I had, and offer any other information that would be helpful.
Thank you so much for including us in this event..We are especially excited to see all the benefits for the German Shepherd Rescue.

Jeff F
The dental clinic was great. They were quick and the dog’s teeth looked great. The dog wasn’t upset and acted like nothing happened. I definitely will be going back to get teeth cleaning during your fund raising days.

Tammy V
Schatzi is doing just fine, and her teeth are beautiful!

Robin O
Great…..This is the second time I have taken my dogs to this. They did wonderful. The Dr.’s are great not only with my dogs but with everyone in the room. I love this because they don’t have to be put out. It makes me feel so much better. Thank you for letting me be a part of this and also to help you with the rescue. Keep me posted of future cleanings. They said I don’t have to come for 6 months. If any of my friends needs this I will let them know about you.

Nancy K
They did a great job on Greta, Cheyenne & Buddy.

Darla Z
The appointment went GREAT! Rocco did very well. They must be magicians.

Very, very pleased. I brought a little guy who had been abandoned at a kennel. He’s 10 yrs. old and probably had never had his teeth cleaned. They were very gentle with him and took it slowly, and his teeth look great! I’m recommending this procedure to all my friends.

Nancy G
Thanks so much,  our experience was great.  The doctor was great and the people were so nice.  We would love to come back in 6 months for another cleaning.

Olivia P
We took in our cat Lucia for teeth cleaning today.  They handled everything very smoothly.  I liked that our cat was not traumatized in any way.  The Vet was kind and it was clear he liked animals.  This was an excellent service and we appreciate you setting this up for us.

Maria D/Founder, German Shepherd Rescue of OC
Thank you for choosing GSROC to benefit from this dental clinic.  I had the procedure done on 2 of my dogs and I was very happy with the outcome.  The staff was very courteous and the entire process was seamless.  The vet was patient and the dogs could sense is. I got to chat with other animal lovers in the lobby and it felt like a true community outreach program.

As someone who has coordinated events in the past, I want to compliment you on how professionally you managed the event from start to finish.  We feel proud and fortunate that our dogs will benefit while other dogs will enjoy better health.

Marianne L
Our experience was a 10 on the scale of one to ten. Dr. Kvarnstrom was in the lobby greeting people as they arrived. We heard him explaining all about the cleaning technique to one of the pet owners. He was very friendly and good to the pets and their owners. We did not meet the technicians, but they did an excellent job of time management and the actual cleaning. I would go back again.

Laurie K
I loved the procedure.  What a great vet Dr. Kvarnstrom is. I was really impressed with him and his “bedside manner”.  Will be switching over to his practice. Can’t thank you enough for offering this service and introducing us to Dr. K.

Toni D
Navajo our Dog – went this time and seemed to be relaxed when he came out.  They were able to remove a lot of plaque off his teeth and his breath was infinitely better!  The doctor and staff were great!

Susan M
I was a little scared taking my dogs to a different vet, but let me tell you, they were great!  The staff was very friendly and the vet was awesome!  He was very friendly and very loving to all the pets.  I was very impressed with how he came out and spoke with each pet owner, even bringing up any health concerns he came across.  They also called today to follow-up on the dogs.  Oh, and their teeth look great!!  I am very happy.

Kari J
It was a great experience!!!! They’re teeth look great.

Stephanie R
The dog’s teeth look beautiful!

George P
Everything went great!  The vet had a terrific dispostion and worked well with the dogs.  Teeth came out fine too.   I would definitely do this again.

Cindy N
I am very pleased with the dental cleaning. I was very pleased with the staff and the procedure.  My dog’s teeth look great.  I’ve been telling my friends about it.

Darlene L
The Dental Clinic was a great experience for my animals and me.  The staff did a great job and all three animals were out of there in half an hour with lovely white teeth.  I would be happy to go again.

Holly P
The dental clinic was awesome.  It really was.  The vet who came out to get each dog was really personable and warm and explained everything about the process in detail.  The experience was so good that I’m considering switching to Tustana for Greta’s vet needs.  I’m not unhappy with my current vet but seeing their service made me want to switch.

Carolyn T
The dental clinic was fantastic. Nice, caring, informative doctors. Easy office to find, & the clinic was well organized. The results are very impressive. My dog could do a dental commercial; her teeth are so white and clean! I am very impressed and plan to continue with this cleaning process from now on, for both of my dogs.

Cindy D
It was fantastic!  I’ve told all my pet-owning friends that they should do it.  The results were great, the staff were all so hospitable (especially, considering it was probably their normal Sunday off), and it was quick!

Jennifer D
Hello Mayra, the dental clinic was awesome…The dentist/vet was really nice and so was the facilities at Tustana hospital.  My dog’s teeth were really clean, and I plan to do the procedure again and also with my other puppy when he is old enough.

Jennifer S
I want to thank you for including us in the clinic. Kyle and I are very pleased with the teeth cleaning. The staff was very professional. The dogs were in and out in no time and their teeth look amazing. And no more bad breath! Most importantly they did not have to be put under.

Lois L
I was very impressed with the Clinic.  We drove down from Santa Barbara to Sierra Madre that morning; then to Tustin.  From the week at the Great Pyrenees National Dog Show, Bernie was really tired.  He was in & out of there in ten minutes; with Beautiful Teeth.  Before, I was stressing out; about where I could go to get them cleaned, without putting him under.  I want to do this every year.  His two cats need it also.

Kara M
I cannot say enough about the clinic in Tustin where you set up this event. They were all professional, not put out in the least that I was late coming down from LA, so courteous and Maggie didn’t even have any complaints. The Vet that I talked to during follow up was wonderful and warm, and I told him that if I lived closer I would take Maggie there on a regular basis. They were absolutely wonderful, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other pet owners in the Orange County area. Oh – and they called from their office to follow up on Maggie’s well-being the next day. Amazing! We’ve never had such service from our vets.

Natalie A
They were very nice and did a great job with our broken chi-weiner! They even filled our our insurance forms.  We would be interested in the next clinic too.

Sherrie G
Thank you so much for arranging the doggie dental. My two dogs teeth are sooooo clean….I am so pleased and wanted to thank you for your time on this. It made it affordable enough for me to be able to do for the pups. (The staff was really nice too)

Tami B
I was very impressed by these professionals.  Both of my dogs were done in about 20 min and their teeth were really clean.
I don’t know how they did it, but they did wonderful job.

Toni D
The cleaning went great and Jack’s teeth look good!