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6 Inch Bullysticks


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Bully sticks are very hard and are available in lengths of 12 inches & 6 inches. They are prized by dogs (and thus their owners) for their compelling tastiness and how long they last. Indeed, it can take a strong dog well over an hour to eat one, and thus is an enjoyable, safe way to keep an energetic breed occupied and out of trouble, even when unsupervised. Furthermore, since the bully stick is pure beef, it is 100% digestible. This is contrary to rawhide chews, which have been reported to choke or obstruct a dogs’ bowel if large pieces are swallowed. Our bully sticks are vertically dried so they are very low in odor. The bully stick is a safe natural alternative to other boring dog treats that have fillers and additives. Our Bully Sticks have no additives or preservatives and are 100% natural. Very low in fat and high in protein, dogs crave this long lasting treat.


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