Guide to Pet Sitting


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Planning it out

  • Make your reservations with Pooch Sitter as far in advance as possible to increase your chances of availability.
  • Always confirm your travel plans before departing.
  • Please let your Pooch Sitter know any changes to your arrival date.
  • Please call within 30 minutes of your arrival to let your Pooch Sitter know you are home safe!

Before you leave

Have everything necessary to care for your pet(s) in one general and visible area or let your Pooch Sitter know where they are kept. This includes the following pet supplies:

  • Food
  • Treats
  • Utensils
  • Food & Water Bowls
  • Medications
  • Leash
  • Halters
  • Muzzles
  • Can Opener
  • Toys
  • Paper Towels
  • Towels (for muddy paws)
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Garbage Bags
  • Plastic bags for sanitary disposal of feces
  • Litter & Scoop
  • Broom & Dustpan or Vacuum Cleaner
  • Newspapers (if necessary)
  • Watering Can for plants
  • Chemical (for Aquariums or Koi Ponds)

Please provide extra food, litter, and supplies just in case they are needed. You may not be able to return home when anticipated and the extras may become a necessity. We will be happy to pick up necessary supplies, although our Pet Taxi fee will be charged.

Help us be a Friend to Your Pet

Are there any new Pets?

  • Tell us about all minor and major health problems your pet(s) may have.
  • Make sure the collar fits. Otherwise, your dog could slip out of a loose collar while being walked
  • If your dog is prone to chew, please leave chew toys and take proper precautions to guard your personal items and home furnishings.
  • Leave an item of clothing you have recently worn where your pet(s) sleep to provide a “security blanket”.
  • Make a list of your pet’s favorite hiding places.
  • Provide a means of flea control.

Preparing your Pooch Sitter

  • Keys – please confirm your Pooch Sitter has a working set of keys
  • Do you need to explain the Alarm system?
  • Review your travel plans with your Pooch Sitter
  • Provided destination phone #s and emergency contact info
  • Does your Pooch Sitter have current Vet info?
  • Have you provided details on the services you’d like performed?
  • Make your Pooch Sitter aware of any unusual habits your pets have, i.e. destructive behavior, change in bowel or eating habits when left alone.
  • Let your Pooch Sitter know which rooms are off limits and please close those doors or securely restrict your pet’s access.
  • Be sure your Pooch Sitter has the current number for your veterinarian

For your Home

  • It is a good idea to clean out the refrigerator before leaving, to avoid smelly food spoilage, and to wash any dishes in the sink, to prevent ants or other pests.
  • Please let us know where you keep the Ant/Roach sprays or chemicals in case of unexpected infestations.
  • Please adjust your thermostat before leaving for the comfort of your pet(s).
  • If you’ll need plants watered, please explain which ones and how often. (We highly recommend water trays for all your plants to avoid damage to your furniture or floor.)
  • If you need us to bring in your mail; newspaper; packages – please identify area where you would like for us to store them.
  • Indoor/Outdoor light rotation – please let us know if you’d like us to do this for you.
  • Trash Day – would you like us to take out your trash bins?
  • Are you expecting other Service Providers, Relatives, or Friends in your
    home? If yes – please provide your Pooch Sitter the details.
  • Are your neighbors aware you’ll be out of town?


  • Advise your Pooch Sitter of anyone who may be on your premises or entering your home during your absence.
    Housekeeper, Relatives, Friends, etc.
  • Instruct anyone else coming or going to make sure to securely lock door locks, pet area, & swimming pool area.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving.
  • Consider leaving a television or radio on while you are away. The noise can be a crime deterrent as well as provide companionship for your pet.
  • Unplug any unnecessary appliances before you leave. This will prevent damage from electrical storms as well as injuries to mischievous pets.
  • It is a good idea to continue your paper & mail service—the fewer people who know you are gone, the better.


  • Please feel free to call and check on your pets anytime! 800-745-6525
  • Please advise your veterinarian that Pooch Sitter will be caring for your pet(s) and authorize the vet to extend medical care during your absence, if it becomes necessary. You may also want to give the veterinarian your credit card number. Or, you can give the vet half of your credit card number and give your Pooch Sitter the other half.
  • Take Pooch Sitter’s phone number and e-mail address with you.
  • Advise gate security that Pooch Sitter will be visiting your home and authorize entry.
  • Inform your neighbors of your absence and use of a Pooch Sitter.
  • Create a password for your security company, which your Pooch Sitter can use if the alarm is tripped. Be sure to advise your Pooch Sitter of the word.
  • Give a key to a nearby neighbor as a backup in the event of extreme emergency to your home. Be sure to inform your Pooch Sitter of the neighbor’s name & number and give your Pooch Sitters name & number to your neighbor.