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to Pet Sitting
Most Comfortable, Familiar Environment Small, Extremely Noisy, Unfamiliar Higher Stress Environment
One on One Attention, Play & Cuddle Time Very Limited Attention, That’s What The Cage Is For
Monitoring for signs of distress Terribly Limited Interaction & Typically by The Least Experienced Employees
Normal Feeding Routine Loss Of Appetite Due To High Stress Level, VERY COMMON
Medicating Part of Standard Service Typically extra charge for medication
Safe From Contagious Diseases Risk of Disease Transmission In Highly RE-Used Common Area
No Car Ride To The Kennel High Stressl Drop Off & Pick Up
Increased Security For Your Home, Your Dog Buddies Do It Best No Equivalent Benefit
Many Optional services No Equivalent Benefit
Pet Relaxed, At Home and Glad To See You Upon Your Return Limited Pick Up Times From Kennel
Daily Log Sent Via E-Mail, or Daily Call, Your Choice Hard to Reach Knowledgeable Staff At Kennel
Far More Cost Effective, Expecially For Multiple And Large Pets More Costly When Boarding Multiple Pets
No Unnecessary Vaccinations Most Kennels Require Extra Vaccinations